About Barrio

'Barrio' - meaning district or neighbourhood in Spanish, it's also used in North America to refer to the Hispanic ghettos such as El Barrio in East Harlem, New York City.

Taking in these 'Barrios' along with those in places such as Miami, Rio, Havana, Lisbon, Barcelona and London itself - one thing unites them all: La Música! It’s as if they’re all part of the ‘ghetto archipelago’.

Drawing on the neighbourhood and community spirit, our personable approach aims to create a friendly and inclusive environment where people can kick back and relax - or get up to get down to the music laid on by our great line-up of DJs, musicians and urban poets.

From using reclaimed materials in weird and wonderful ways to hacking up a vintage caravan - this is our reflection of the ingenious ways barrios and ghettos from many parts of the world re-cycle and re-appropriate discarded items.

About Our Founder

Ferdie Ahmed fled the financial world in pursuit of something a little more rewarding and a little less soul destroying. Taking his love for music (a DJ since his teens), his love for travel and the odd sip of rum, the concept of Barrio was born. Being his first adventure in the world of cocktails, he's very much involved in the day-to-day life and well being of Barrio North. You're likely to catch him banging cocktail shakers in appreciation to the music, or behind the decks indulging in what he loves best. Whatever you do, please don't feed him tequila! ;-)

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