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November 2015
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Thursday 26th November
The Good, The Bad & The Funky
// Every Thursday

/ Barrio North | Free Entry | 8-1am Throwback Thursday, Thirsty Thursday, Tequila Thursday....whatever you want to call it - its the start of the weekend and we like to have a party. An upfront and humour-fuelled selection of funk, soul, golden era hip-hop, Latin, rock'n'roll, tropical rhythms and classic gems from the past 50 years.

Friday 27th November
Barrio Fever
// BARRIO FEVER Every Friday DJs: Barrio Allstars The bar familia together with the Barrio Allstars, whip you into a Friday night frenzy. Tropical, funk, soul, disco, Latin, house, rock 'n' roll and golden era hip hop - cut, mixed, switched and filtered into a genre crossing party selection of Friday feelings. Expect big sharing cocktails, refreshing drinks, spicy food, smiling faces and the odd over-sized inflatable parrot.
Saturday 28th November
Boogie Down
//Every Saturday //Free Entry - 8-2am Saturdays at Barrio North, ain’t no small ting. Every week we invite you to enter the Barrio sambadrone. An arena of trombones, a carnival of chords, a downtown dive of dirty drums and a whole rotisserie of riddims. Holding the tempo and keeping things musically salty, is the heavy hitting Barrio Allstars. Squeeze in amongst friends and fellow foliões for a roller coaster ride of Latin, Funk, Rock ’n’ Soul and Throwback Classics.
Amigo Hour Specials - All cocktails £4 and more